We have various storage facilities such as bonded warehouse, container yard and motor pools in many areas. In addition to storage services, we also take care of incoming and dispatching operations, inventory management, packing and other related operations with a complete security system.

Import & Export

Our Global network works together to deliver all your cargo from any place to another in the world. Our experienced staff will handle the various procedures involved in import and export operations on your behalf, reducing your burden.


We offer the most suitable service from a variety of transport routes, including conventional vessels, container ships, airplanes and railway, depending on the shape of the cargo and the destination of the customer's cargo. We can take care of everything from document preparation to delivery, which leads to cost reductions.

Land Transportation

We offer various types of land transport methods such as trucks, trailer chassis, heavy trailers, and car carriers depending on the size and characteristics of the customer's cargo. We provide customized solutions from inbound logistics such as “milk run” to oversized cargo transportation such as “construction machinery”, “machining center”,“plant equipment”.

Logistics Consultant

Our group has been operating in various logistics fields for more than 60 years and has accumulated a wealth of experience. We respond to our customers' concerns and requests and use our experience and know-how to propose the best logistics design and improvements.

Ship Agency

We have built up longstanding relationships with contracted shipping companies and support them with services such as arranging arrival and departure of vessels and stevedores. We also offer services such as cargo collection sales, receipt of vessel bookings, and B/L and A/N issuance.


We started our business in 1952 with the unloading of timber, and stevedoring is one of our specialties. Many of our customers appreciate the safety, accuracy, efficiency and speed of our work. Our specialists are well versed in the characteristics of cargo and cargo handling equipment, and they handle all cargo properly.

Customs Clearance

Customs clearance is an essential part of importing and exporting cargo. We are an AEO-certified customs broker with a well-established internal system for cargo security management and compliance. Our customs brokers have the knowledge and experience to carry out customs clearance procedures on behalf of our customers.

And More

Transportation & Installation of Plant equipment

Transportation & Installation of
Plant equipment
We specialize in transporting packaging and molding machines and other factory facilities. We also provide installation services at the delivery location.