Automotive Logistics

We are skilled in automobile-related logistics. We provide a wide range of services from production logistics such as transportation, storage, inventory management and packaging of automotive parts to finished vehicle logistics such as land and sea transportation of finished vehicles, customs clearance and pre-delivery inspection. With our strength in high quality and highly efficient services, we play an important role in the production and sales of automobiles all over the world.

Specialized Cargo Transport

We specialize in transporting oversized and ultra-heavy cargoes, such as rockets and aircraft parts, using a variety of specialized cargo handling equipment. We also transport and install machinery and equipment in factories. Our experienced staff can safely transport any type of cargo by combining land, sea and air transportation routes based on the characteristics of the cargo and the customer's requirements.

Intermodal transportation by sea and land

The Fujitrans Group is one of the few companies that owns its own RORO-type vessels and trailers and is able to provide integrated land and sea transport. Currently, we operate domestic vessels in Japan and the Philippines, transporting industrial products, agricultural products, finished vehicles, and other cargoes to various locations. Transporting cargo by trailer, in particular, greatly reduces loading and unloading time, as the cargo chassis can be directly loaded onto and offloaded from the ship. In addition, the risk of damage due to transshipment of cargo and the total cost can be greatly reduced.